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At the end of each course, which lasts 175 hours, our students are evaluated with a final exam which includes four basic language skills (listening, reading, speaking, writing). Students who are successful in the final exams, gain the right to study on the next level. Students who fail more than one skill have to repeat the course.

Students attending our courses are entitled to receive the “Turkish Proficiency Certificate” prepared by the SAMSUN DILMER Directorate in accordance with the language level they have reached when they complete their education process. The Turkish Proficiency exam which prepared by SAMSUN DİLMER lecturers consists of reading, listening, writing and speaking sections and is prepared and evaluated according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Students who succeed in the “Turkish Proficiency Exam” are entitled to receive certificate prepared by SAMSUN DİLMER Directorate in accordance with their language level.

You can reach the date of Turkish Proficiency Exam from SAMSUN DİLMER academic calendar.