“Language Seminars” continue in DİLMER

Samsun University Turkish and Foreign Language Teaching Application and Research Center (DİLMER) hosts Dr. Aslı FİŞEKÇİOĞLU from Marmara University in the second activity of the “Language Seminars” series. In the program titled “Language, Culture and Cultural Diplomacy”, which will be moderated by Seyran Ayşe PAMAK, the cultural dimension of language teaching will be focused on issues such as “the place and importance of cultural transfer in teaching Turkish as a foreign language “,” cultural sharing “,” cultural descriptors “and” interculturality “.
We are waiting for everyone interested in the program, which will start on Saturday, March 13 at 20:00!

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Passcode: 418008

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Subject: Language, Cultur and Cultural Diplomacy

Speaker: Dr. Aslı FİŞEKÇİOĞLU

Date: 13 March 2021 | 20.00

06 Mart 2021
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